Here at TK you can post any graphics art work layouts or just chat if you wanted and post any writing you want here at TK its a graphics heavan.
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 Genral Rules of the Graphics Request Section.

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PostSubject: Genral Rules of the Graphics Request Section.   Mon May 12, 2008 8:06 am

General Rules of the Graphics Request section

Request: For People Making Requests

I thought about this and I've decided to write this because I think you should understand the Point Of View of the Voluntary Graphic Artists that create your requests..
Shocked A. The Artisans
A list of present graphic artists:
Past graphic artists (haven't seen them on lately):

(This is just from the top of my head.. sorry if i missed you)
Shocked B. Respect
Okay, I know many people are not as good in the fields of arts as other people in the world. Personally, I think I am not good at it either.
But the key point in writing this topic was about Respect.
Graphic Artists who work voluntarily on your requests are HUMAN. I repeat, HUMAN. They are not your SLAVES. If you want graphics made, please show your respect to them!
How to show your respect:
Exclamation a. Never ever ever ever ever ever... write in CAPS.
When writing in CAPS, it is the exact same thing as YELLING. Therefore, if you're yelling at an artist, you treat them like slaves/underlings. Graphic Artists are not your SLAVES nor are we your UNDERLINGS.
Exclamation b. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever.. say PLZ.. but always say PLEASE
PLZ is not defined in the dictionary, and I don't believe it will in the future. Therefore, it's not a word and no body will understand you. However, 'please' is a word, and it's also a way to be polite to show your manners. If you're requesting for graphics, be polite and say 'please' not 'plz'.
(Personal Note: I will NEVER do a request that uses CAPS and says 'plz'... Most likely other artists will see your topic and just pass by it..)
Shocked C. Time/Timing
Another note.. Some artists have pretty busy schedules and sometimes may not have the time to even come on the forums.. let alone work on your request. Please be patient with us.. we are not Gods. If an artist has responded to your request give them some time to do it.
Shocked D. Private Messaging and Command Script
Personally, I do not want any body Private Messaging me to do a request for them.. I will just ignore it and Live life happily ever after....
I suggest if you want a Request made, use the Command Generator provided that you have read the two stickies in this forum!
Shocked E. Conclusion/Complaint
Finally, all I have to say is thank you for reading this. Also, if you are not happy with what the Graphic Artist has produced, request for a remake or edit.. do not YELL at them for what you thought was poorly done.. Graphic Artists do have emotions...

A little quote to end this: "Don't push my buttons, cause I will never make you any."


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Genral Rules of the Graphics Request Section.
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