Here at TK you can post any graphics art work layouts or just chat if you wanted and post any writing you want here at TK its a graphics heavan.
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 Graphic Command Generator.

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PostSubject: Graphic Command Generator.   Mon May 12, 2008 10:03 am

Hello everybody,

I've developed this generator of graphic commands with the following languages : (x)HTML/CSS for the form, for the background (for those which know). Wink

How does it work?

Simple enough, you have to choose in a list, to notch a box and to fill in the fields then to validate. You will obtain a code and already formatted, generated automatically which you will not have any more than to copy/paste it in a new subject created in this sub-forum of the of graphic creations service.

Link: Graphics Command Generator


Version 1.1
- simple form to fill
- possibility of changing languages (two available, English and French, others perhaps to come),
- link for the fast edition of the generated order and to create a new order.

Possible Improvements

- To add more fields for the images
- To render compatible to explore with Internet and Mozilla Firefox [planned]
- attribution of an order number of command


If you have an idea for this generator, a criticism, a remark or if you located a bug, do not hesitate to post it below

Please do not put links towards your sites/forums without having warned me before. It is because this generator was made solely for the support forum. Nevertheless, if you wish this generator for your site/forum, contact me.

With your orders of creations!

In plan:

- possibility of leaving the color fields empty for a transparent background. If necessary, a mention in the generated code
- possibility of disabling the text (activating by default).
- improvement of the codeing (indentation, spacing) for more legibility
- correction of (small) bugs related to the functionalities of version 1.2

There only remains to add a legend "Insert text in creation" and to translate some parts into English, that will be done in the course of the day.

Many thanks to SanDream for his assistance, adivce, and patience in order to finish this version, as wellas the correction of bugs so that it is functional Very Happy

Do not hesitate to advise the use of the graphic generator in the graphics request forum Wink

Things to do.

1. Invite more users.
2. Get a better layout.
3. Get more graphics.
4. Get topic Icons.
5. Make friends.
6. Have fun.
7. Be helpful to other users.
8. Get a lot more users.

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Graphic Command Generator.
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